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Alphabet Legal deals in all aspects of trademark practice from conducting trade name searches to filing application for registration of trademark, drafting and filing reply to objections and representing clients at hearings. We assist clients in registration of Trade Marks and Service Marks. We have a great deal of experience working with the Trademark Examiners at the Controller General of Patents, Design and Trade Marks, India.


Copyright protects the rights of the creator and assigns special privileges regarding its exclusive use and distribution. The protection is towards any form of literary, artistic, musical, cinematographic, photographic, and other works; from being infringed by others. Copyright vests on the idea –expression dichotomy where the protection is given to expression and not to ideas and procedures. Copyright works range from books, paintings, music, sculpture, music compositions, choreography, films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings. We at alphabet Legal deal with every aspect of copyright law


IP attorneys at Alphabet Legal have strong technical background and expertise in handling cases relating to their field of technologies. They are responsible for reviewing technical literature provided by clients, drafting of patent specifications; filing under domestic law for national level patents or under international treaties, prosecution of applications, patent searches and opinions on patentability and patent validity. It is involved in drafting of a large number of patent specifications and filing and prosecuting applications in India and abroad. It is also engaged in conducting several opposition proceedings for many of its clients.

 We Know Intellectual Property Law

We Know Intellectual Property Law

Unlike most law firms, Alphabet Legal focus primarily on intellectual property matters. This allows our attorneys to gain significantly more intellectual property experience than many attorneys at other firms. Most attorneys at Alphabet Legal are registered Trademark and Patent attorneys with the Indian Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, some of our attorneys have been Indian patent and Trademark examiners and worked as in-house counsel for global corporations. Our partners have successfully tried jury trials and argued intellectual property cases. We believe that having a large breadth of understanding of intellectual property prosecution and litigation is important in successfully representing our clients, even if they only need assistance in one area.


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