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We provide end to end legal services tailor to cater all your business needs right from company registration to intellectual property protection to compliances & tax filing.

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In just seven years since its inception, Alphabet has experienced remarkable growth as a law firm, consistently attracting top-tier associates and staff members who excel in meeting the expanding needs of our clients.

Established in 2015, Alphabet Legal has swiftly emerged as a prominent law firm specializing in the safeguarding and enforcement of intellectual property across India and globally.

Our diverse clientele encompasses major corporations spanning various industries, including apparel, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics, computers, electronics, entertainment, financial services, food, hotel services, pharmaceuticals, publishing, real estate, retail, telecommunications, and toys.

While we proudly serve Fortune 500 companies, we also take great pride in assisting smaller businesses and individuals in safeguarding and nurturing their intellectual property rights.

Quality service for rapid growth

At Alphabet Legal, we understand that many freelance lawyers and law firms may lack the capacity to offer the level of expertise and support that every business truly deserves when seeking legal services. However, we differentiate ourselves by providing unparalleled expert support that addresses your needs without hesitation.

With our team of dedicated experts, you can trust that your queries will be handled promptly and effectively, ensuring that no question goes unanswered and no problem is left unresolved. We are committed to providing round-the-clock assistance, ensuring that your legal concerns are always taken care of with the utmost attention and professionalism.

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Why choose us?

At Alphabet Legal, we go beyond merely addressing objections and rejections; we proactively strive to eliminate them altogether. We understand that the filing process for intellectual property can be intricate and prone to potential roadblocks. With our expertise, we meticulously prepare and file the necessary paperwork in a strategic manner, minimizing the likelihood of objections and rejections. By leveraging our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the filing requirements, we aim to provide you with a seamless experience where objections and rejections are avoided entirely. Our approach is focused on ensuring that your intellectual property filings are handled meticulously and in compliance with all necessary guidelines and regulations. This proactive approach significantly reduces the chances of encountering additional costs, legal troubles, and unnecessary delays.